О заводе


CJSC “Zavod Trud”. Year of foundation: 1893. 

The Russian leader in the manufacturing of hardware items, the major manufacturer of work clothes and personal protective equipment.

Our production site

1. Plant area — 5.48 ha:

administration building — 10,204 м²;

factory building — 18,810 м²;

auxiliary building (storage premises) – 3,190 м².

2. production capacity:

· CNC machines

· cold stamping machines

· bending machines

· today's sewing machines

· inkle looms

· machine for uninterrupted painting of heavy textile bands

· electric-spark machines

· French galvanizing lines

· conveying transfer line for powder coating

· trailing assemblies for dry and wet polishing of products

· chamber electric furnaces for heat treating

· cutting out complex of equipment

· equipment for production of leather products

CJSC “Zavod Trud” is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of the fabric and leather products, leather accessories, metal accessories and steel structures of any complexity.

The plant has a huge production, technical, intellectual and human potential, which serves to ensure its confident operation, further growth and development.


1. Fabricated metal products:

· leather accessories

· awning accessories

· box carrier accessories

· boot accessories

· clamps

2. Work clothes and personal protective equipment

3. Equipping

4. Textile bands


· More than 100 years at the market;

· Products are made using the high-grade stock and the latest high-tech equipment;

· Continuous expansion of the range of products. CJSC “Zavod Trud” can redesign its production in a short time for any type of stamped, welded and soldered metal, fabric and leather products according to the samples and drawings of the customer;

· Application of the latest technology in the production;

· The employees constantly improve their skills;

· Documentation package which confirms the quality of products;

· Favorable geographical location of the enterprise in the central part of Russia: international airport, railway station, federal level motor-road;

· Flexible working conditions according to the export contracts and the customs clearance of goods.